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Does anyone have any advice on maintaining friendships, cause I try so hard to stay friends with people, but make sure to give them space when needed. I don’t know what I have done to make the people I used to call friends hate me and roll their eyes every time I say something. Anyone have any advice?
Some advice would be, it’s really hard actually, especially if you’re in separate school/uni/college/job my advice would be to check in on them again. Just send them a message or give them a phone call or a FaceTime it’s really easy to feel awkward about doing this, but most people be glad to hear from you, even if you haven’t spoken to them in a little while. I think also maintaining friendships it gooseberries if they don’t check in on you or make the effort to maintain the friendship then sometimes it’s not worth maintaining. to make new friends and get out there I suggest volunteering I know that’s really help me meet new people especially after the Covid pandemic. It’s really hard to get out there and meet new people even online volunteering could be a little start and give you some confidence. Take care and hope this helps a bit☺️

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