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university of kent or aston university for biomed

which university is better to study biomedical science at?
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i can no longer go into a russel group as it’s not IBMS accredited
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Which course do you prefer - look at the optional units for all years of each course, and think about what you would choose if you went there.

Do you want the big city experience of Birmingham, or to live in a smaller place like Canterbury?

Where will you feel happiest?
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which university is better to study biomedical science at?

Hi there

Choosing which university to go to can be quite a difficult choice, as a final year law student at Kent, hopefully I can give you some insights into what it is like to study at Kent.

Here, students are given a lot of support throughout their degree. For example, academic, career and, well-being support. Seminar leaders and lecturers at Kent are very friendly and approachable, I always feel comfortable asking questions on topics I do not understand. It is very convenient to reach out for help at Kent, normally I could e-mail a seminar leader, or a module convener if I needed to. Furthermore, the University of Kent has a skills hub, which equips students with the requisite skills they need to achieve high marks in exams. Normally, courses in Kent are structured to ease students into the course, which is good for building solid foundational knowledge.

Kent is also great at providing career support, whether you are looking to pursue a career in biomedicine or not. The careers hub offers informed career guidance and tips, they also host multiple mock interview and application guidance sessions. At Kent, we also have an employability point scheme, this means students can accumulate and log on work experiences in exchange for valuable internships, work shadowing, work placement positions.

Another reason for choosing a university may be it’s location. Kent’s campus is really beautiful and well maintained. There is a lot of greenery on campus, which makes it a lovely environment. The campus is not far away from town centre, a 30-minute walk, or 10 minute bus ride, which is really convenient. If you have the chance to, I would recommend checking out the universities open day: Canterbury Undergraduate Open Day - Visit Kent - University of Kent, this could help better inform your decision.

Finally, Kent is a bustling environment with students coming from a wide range of backgrounds. Diversity at Kent means there are a lot of different student hosted societies which hold many events throughout the year. I am sure, if you come to Kent you will meet a lot of new friends and find your group of people here.

I hope this helps. If you have any further questions about studying at Kent, I will be happy to answer them.
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